Movie Magic Productions

A New Year And A New Beginning
Sacred Heart Church - Tampa Florida
"We kicked off the New Year with Jessica and Slade's January wedding. Love the Father and Daughter moment at the start."
July Wedding In Naples
Ritz Carlton - Naples Florida
"John and Lindsay have known each other since they were children. We were excited to tell their story from the time we met them."
The Clouds Opened Up In Sarasota
Hyatt Regency - Sarasota Florida
"Rains came close to bringing this wedding inside but Nic explains why the clouds parted for their joyous day. "
Movie Magic Productions Reviews
"Five stars is not enough for how great this vendor is! Ian is truly AMAZING at what he does! He is very personable and fun to work with.He worked great with our photographers which was also comforting. Our video is absolutely STUNNING!!! You cannot go wrong with hiring Movie Magic Productions to capture your wedding day! Hiring them was one of the BEST decisions we made when choosing our vendors! If you are on the fence about hiring a videographer, do it!! It will be a video you can treasure for a lifetime and it will never get old watching one of the biggest days of your life over and over again! Believe me, we have already watched our video at least a dozen times and we have only had the video for 4 weeks! " Kristin 01/19/2014
"I can't thank Ian at Movie Magic Productions enough for making my wedding memories perfect! Our wedding video was the perfect combination of everything a bride would want. He did interviews with us on site the rehearsal night and made it tell a story about our relationship throughout the video. It made others watching cry hearing my husband and I talk about each other, our relationship and our engagement as the video was telling a story. He caught the moments I missed throughout the day. My husband and I got to see each other getting ready, and the excitement and nerves each of us had. The editing on the video was done with music that made you want to cry even more at certain moments. The clarity of our voices saying our vows was awesome and truly awesome to know we will always be able to watch them again. " Jenna 04/27/2013
"Ian and the Movie Magic team are simply the best! They worked great with all our vendors and blended in so well that we did not even realize they were there. Our short trailer is absolutely phenomenal! It really is like a trailer to a box office movie with us as the stars. It's been 4 months since our wedding and I still watch it almost every day. It allows me to briefly relive our wedding day any time I want to. The actual video is just as great. Ian was able to capture every single important moment and turn it into an end product that we will cherish forever. Only video will truly give you a glimpse of the most important day of your life, which goes by in a instant. There were things on the video that we did not even see or realize have happened because of how caught up we were in the moment. I already recommended Ian to a friend of mine who got married shortly after I did, and she loved the end product as much as we did. " Izabela 04/12/2013

"Five stars is not enough for how great this vendor is!"